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For many people this is a unique and satisfying way of travelling, for a holiday or indeed for living. What makes it unique is the freedom it offers, the open road and the pleasure of stopping where the mood takes you.

Hiring a camper van allows you to travel at your own pace, not having to be dictated to by a holiday itinerary. You are able to take the comforts of home with you and all the accoutrements you need for your hobbies and interests. 

Most camper vans have the necessities of life: a chemical toilet a simple shower and sometimes heating. They are flexible vehicles as folding tables give way to beds and sinks and iceboxes provide kitchen facilities. Of course if you intended living in this way probably a motor home, which is usually larger would offer more comfort.

So, this way of travel offers a cheap and convenient way of getting around as it combines your hotel and transport costs.

Once on the road you will want to find a place to stop for the night. In Britain and other parts of the world there are both campsites that charge and places to park up that are free.

The campsites that charge will offer facilities and security some will have shops and bars. The prices for staying on the site will vary depending on what they offer. Prices can therefore range from £8-£25 a night. There are websites, which will give the details of these sites.

There are also places where you can camp for free. These places can be beaches, truck stops lay-bys and parks. There are obviously restrictions on these sites and permission has to be arranged first. These free sites are also available in parts of Europe and information for these can be obtained from websites.

So, the camper van allows the driver to stop in beautiful places stay if they wish or move on if it isn’t for them and price for this can start for as little as £20 a day.